Portable Mews

Here are the designs for a portable mews that were sent to me by John Wagner, and I believe he got it out of an old Hawk Chalk.

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Excellent British Falconry Clip

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Yea! Going out trapping with a couple of local falconers this weekend. I've been trapping plenty in AZ but now matter how many times you do it it's always fun!

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The Falconery Archives Astound Me

So I've been up to the archives twice since I've been up here in Boise and on both occasions Dave and Kent have been extremely accommodating, letting me have the run of old journals, magazines and anything else they have up there including excellent falconry stories from both of these talented falconers.

If you live near Boise you need to set aside at least 6 hours to visit the archives, read some of the material, and get the tour so that you can really appreciate this astounding and a truly excellent resource. If anyone needs help getting access drop me a line and I'll try to set it up!

Don't miss your opportunity to take advantage of a resource that is easily available to use Idaho Falconers!

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