Photo Submission

Each year AP falconry forum puts together a calendar here is my submission:

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Fun Weekend

I went out hawking with a local falconer and her Harris Hawk. It was a really beautiful day and the wind was only around 6mph. Seven(Harris Hawk) having hunted this field often took a nice perch on top of a sage bush at the top of a small hill, and we worked the field toward him. We only hunted for about an hour and saw 6-8 Jackrabbit slips, and sadly Seven wasn't feeling up to riding a Jack on Saturday. The wind picked up and as a result we called it a day.

Later we all ventured over to Jesse Woody's place for a BBQ and some Hawk Talk. Jesse has some wonderful stories and I can't thank him enough for having my wife and I over it was a real treat. Jesse's Finish Gos is also in perfect feather and absolutely stunning, I'll try to remember the camera next time.

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Stor Mor Mews

So I after Seeing Jesse Woody's mews I am thinking I am going to go with a Stor-Mor shed for the base of my mews. Stor-Mor will relocate the mews when I move and that is my primary motivation for using that as the base.

Here is my first draft of the completed mews layout and dimensions, please leave your comments and let me know what you like or don't like about this layout:

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