I don't think there could be a more extreme sport:

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So a buddy of mine from phoenix is flying up today to try and trap a Prairie Falcon this weekend. I'll keep everyone updated!

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Map Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area

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Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area

My wife and I took a drive down south to the SRBPNCA this last Sunday. It was awesome, I had no idea how huge the snake river is. On the drive we saw a light morph Harlen's Red Tail Hawk, a Rough Leg Hawk (Passage?), and a Prairie Falcon. I will remember to bring the camera next time I swear.

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Indoor Birds

It occurred to me the other day that I manage bird slices differently indoors than most people. Most people use newspaper or a tarp and while this works it necessitates a lot of work for clean up. I on the other hand use sheets of canvas that you can buy at Lowe's or Home Depot as painters drop cloths. One sheet will work great if you change them out daily, and clean up is easy, you just drop them in the washing machine and the poop washes right out, they also last forever and can double as a seat protector in your car if you have big dogs.

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Note To Self

This is a list of things not to forget when training.

  • Have an achievable goal for the session.

  • Decide on criteria that will help you realize that you need to end the session. If you work past the birds ability or desire then you will just end up training bad behavior.

  • Be consistent.

    • How long are you waiting for the bird to come to you after you call it before dropping the glove?

    • How long are you waiting between calls?

    • Are you hooding the bird for a set amount of time before and after each session?

    • Are you handling the tidbits carfully and consistantly?

  • In the beginning each session should be 100% positive. The bird should never be on the glove un-hooded if there isn't food present on the glove. If you want to man the bird tether it to a screen perch un-hooded where it can observe everyone in the room. As the bird becomes more calm you can start to man it on the glove, I usually start glove manning when the bird is ready for free flight. I also use the screen perch for a long time getting the bird manned, this works better than a bow perch due to it's height and safety(never leave a bird unattended on a screen perch). Later after the bird is calm you can work toward using the bow perch.

  • When you are first working to get the bird to hop to the fist, don't wait all day. A couple of quick opportunities to hop to the glove is all it takes. If the bird doesn't hop the bird doesn't eat. The longer you wait for the bird the worse the response will be in the field unless training is done to reverse these early bad habits.

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Arco Falconry Meet

The meet was awesome. I'll get pictures up ASAP. Arco is really beautiful country and I really enjoyed watching all the falcons fly. I was very fortunate in the raffle winning both a stanislavs hood and a merlin transmitter, it was awesome!

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Passage RT

Well 2 times in as many days I've seen a Passage RT in the vicinity of cloverdale and overland. Anyone still looking for a hawk for the season? It's a really good looking bird slightly dark in coloring and I'm pretty sure it's a passage but I've not got a good look at it's tail.

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