Someone asked me about my dog today so I thought I'd share one of my favorite photos of Rosie our German Shepard with everyone.

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Moving On

Well I'm all moved in and now 5 weeks after my surgery I'm capable of putting on my shoes without assistance. My wonderful wife has taken care of me with patience and caring that reminds me every day how lucky I am. I am currently planning my new mews to be built on the property so that I can continue my apprenticeship.

One thing that I have not shared with this blog is the fact that I lost wolf. during the move I transferred him to the Giant Hood and set him in the kitchen. I checked on him at noon and he was dead. I had him hooded in the giant hood and from what I found he stuck his talon through the knot at the end of one of the long bracers and then panicked and broke his neck. I was really looking forward to flying this little guy and it is really disheartening considering the amount of bad luck I've had thus far.

I could no more give up this sport than I could take a different name so I will move on and take it as a lesson learned.

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Fishing On the Boise River

So a friend of mine and his son are coming with me to go hit the Boise river this evening. We are just going to be fishing with bait to see what we can hit. I'll be sure to let everyone know how we did.

My Red Tail Hawk (Wolf) is working through the molt well and should be ready to hunt very soon. More related to Wolf soon.

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What's the Plan

My dad showed me the following site last night:

The site was started in order to push the American people to campaign for an alternative to oil.

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Well I went down to the Snake river again this last weekend. I only caught one fish, but the trip wasn't a total bust in that I got to see a lot of really great wildlife. while fishing there was a big horn sheep about 500 yards away that just would not stop starring at me. This was a real treat since I was recently watching the Alaska Experiment on Discovery where this sheep is a major food source for the participants on the show. Then about mid-morning a plane flew low over the canyon (illegal) and all the prairie falcons shot out of their nests to defend them. There must have been 10 in the sky right above me. Coming from AZ and only seeing 1 prairie falcon after driving far and wide of Phoenix this was a really awesome spectacle. Finally on the way home we saw a badger chasing a whistle pig into it's hole just off the highway.

On to Falconry, Wolf is doing really well he hasn't started the molt yet so I have a red light on in his enclosure to help speed things up. My back is totally destroyed which has really put a damper on my summer!

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John and I went down...

John and I went down and went fishing at Swan Falls dam this morning. I caught 8 Smallmouth bash. It was a really good time. Everyone should checkout that fishing spot. listen

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A great photo

The following image was not taken by me, however it is a great photo so I thought I'd share.

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Really Getting There

Wolf did really well today, came to the fist 3 times without being called. I think we can continue on this vein with free flights very soon

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Weight: 719 grams (25.3619786)
Fed:35 grams quail

Well I've been slowly dropping Wolfs weight and today I saw the result. every day for the past 3-4 days I would take him out to the creance line and whistle at about 15 feet to which he would respond with and almost instant flight to the glove. Then I would work my way away from him the first time he hesitated or didn't come or acted distracted I would pick him up and walk him back to his mews. This seemed to finally have an effect today at his lowest weight. He came to the glove today without being called which was a nice first that I jackpotted him for with a quail leg. Tomorrow I predict that his weight will be a bit higher around 725 grams but that should be good. I will continue to use the same method of feeding him until he doesn't respond well and then putting him up for the day. In this way I am going to try to let him manage his weight.

On a side note, my dog ate my lure, and I have to buy choroplast for the mews, everything costs money!

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Looking for a Pericing

So Rachel keeps joking that Wolf is going to bite my nose off. This time she caught a photo of me getting a little too close. He is such a mellow bird!

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Training Continues

Weight: 740 grams (26.1027318)
Fed:30 grams beef heart

Wolf did really well today. I was surprised because he didn't do well yesterday and he was at a slightly higher weight today. We got eight good flights out of him and now I need to make the creance longer. Hopefully we'll be out to the football field on monday. After a week on the long creance we might be able to do a free flight but we'll wait and see.

It's been a bunch of false starts with this bird. One day he wants to work and the next he doesn't. I imagine that most of this is due to his weight and the weather.

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Outdoor Creance

Weight: 760 grams (26.8082111)
Fed:1 Mouse, 2 Quail wings

Well wolf was at a higher weight today and I didn't think that I'd get a good response from him at this weight outdoors given that it was his first time on the creance outside. I was mistaken however, he did splendidly and came quickly when called the 8 feet or so that I started with. It worked out well because the first call I didn't expect him to come so I had a mouse hidden in the glove. This meant that his surprisingly good response was jackpoted when he came to the glove to find a whole mouse! Because I didn't expect him to be so "on" at this higher weight I hadn't prepared any tidbits so I just used the quail wings for the next two calls, but you know what they say 3 great calls are better than 50 mediocre calls! I'm not actually sure what his weight will be tomorrow as I didn't expect to feed him the mouse, but that is a welcome surprise. I'll have tidbits and a long creance setup so we should be able to make a lot of progress if he's willing.

Note: I need to setup a weighted leash for the creance because right now his flights are mothy at best.

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Weight: 745 grams (26.2791017)
Fed:1 Quail Leg, 1 Quail Breast, 1 Mouse

I took a couple of days and got Wolf's weight down. He was very responsive and I was able to get 10-12 good 8 foot flights out of him in the garage. I may have fed him too much and I do expect that his weight will be higher tomorrow we'll see how he behaves and see if I'll work with him tomorrow.

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Weight: 820 grams (28.9246488)

Well I'm going to be skipping the daily updates for a while. He's makeing good progress and we would be further along except I got sick tuesday night and have been pretty much down for the count since then. He's at 820 with a casting right now so tomorrow I expect 780 - 790 which seems to be an ok weight, but he may need to be skipped an additional day after tommorrow to see the kind of results that we need.

P.S. He wont shut up when he's in the living room.

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Day 11

Weight: 780 grams (27.5136903)

Well his weight was high today and he didn't show a propensity to jump to the glove so I'm going to skip him today and see how he does tomorrow.

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Day 10

Weight: 780 grams (27.5136903)
Fed:1 mouse

He was higher today than I thought he'd be today I guess he's taking to the 60 degree air conditioned room a little too well. I'll have to open the window tonight and see if that will get him excited about flying to the glove.

Note: He started squawking yesterday. Today was funny as hell, he's making more noise than I've ever heard from a red tail.

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Day 9

Weight: 780 grams (27.5136903)
Fed:2 Quail breasts

Got a few mini-hops out of him today. He'll hop to the glove when It's right in front of him but he wont jump or fly to it. I only fed him 2 quail breasts so he should be same weight or lower tomorrow if he is lower then I should start to see long jumps and short flights to the glove soon. I'm thinking about putting him in the weathering yard tonight so he'll drop weight faster.

I've been using the whistle as a bridge, hopefully I'll be able to figure out a good method to call the bird in, maybe I'll get a police whistle that sounds different.

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Day 8

Weight: 820 grams (28.9246488)
Fed:1 Quail leg

He was high today as expected since I gave him 2 large mice for his hops the other day. I only gave him a single quail leg so we'll see how he does over the next couple of days.

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Fantastic Video

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Day 7

Weight: 780 grams (27.5136903 oz)
Fed: 2 Large mice (aprx 80 grams)

I was able to get 3 small jumps out of Wolf today.

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Day 6

Weight: 785 grams (27.6900601 oz)

(12:13 pm) Today I'm focusing on hoping to the glove. We'll See how it goes.

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Day 5

Weight: 820 grams (28.9246488 oz)
Fed: Skipped him

His weight didn't change from yesterday at all which was really surprising considering I gave him mostly casting. Then again I guess this is indicative of a change in his metabolism. I skipped him today because he wasn't focused enough on the mouse on my glove to hop to it. We'll see how he does tomorrow

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Day 4

Weight: 820 grams (28.9246488 oz)
Fed: 1 Quail leg, 1 Quail breast, 1 Quail wing, 1 Mouse Head (appx 50 grams food)

This meal was mostly casting. I thought for a second he might hop to the glove in the middle of the living room with my wife banging pots around him and the dog walking around but alas he did not. Based on this I gave him a meal that was mostly casting so he should feel full but today his weight should be lower and perhaps he'll feel more inclined to hop to the glove.

NOTE To Self: Remember to keep using the whistle as a bridge, if you don't use it now it'll take longer to teach it later.

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Day 3

Weight: 794 grams (28.0075258 oz)
Fed: 2 Quail leg, 1 Quail liver, 2 Quail Brests (appx 100 grams food)

Same weight today as yesterday which isn't too much of a surprise given how much I fed him yesterday. I've decided not to rush things at all with this bird, I want to get him out in the field asap but at the same time I don't want to go so fast that I do something wrong. Tomorrow we'll work on stepping up onto the glove. which I don't anticipate having any problems with. That and tidbit's on his perch, should have him ready to come out into the living room on Thursday or Friday. He's really a sweet bird, he doesn't bate at all and is really easy to work with. I remember the hours and days and weeks of frustration spent with Geronimo and Athena and then I look at this bird and I can't believe I got so lucky.

After talking with Jesse, I decided to feed Wolf more than I had planned and keep his weight constant. I let him spend an hour or so on the new screen perch I built in the living room. He only bated 3 times so all in all a success.

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Day 2

Weight: 794 grams (28.0075258 oz)
Fed: 1 Mouse, 1 Quail leg, 2 Quail Brest (aprx 100 grams food)

Despite eating a mouse, a quail leg and a quail liver yesterday Wolf dropped 18 grams. This is ok, but since he's progressing so quickly I'm going to feed him a bit more today to try to keep his metabolism going at it's wild weight a bit longer. I only worked with him 2 times today each was about a 10 minute session. He wasted no time eating the mouse I placed on the glove during our first session. I have been doing very mild quick bursts on the whistle to start it's association as a bridge. The second session went better than the last I used tidbits and placed them on the glove. Each time I would wait to place another tidbit until he tucked his wings away a bit further than he did the last time so he progressively started to sit with his wings tucked. I really hope this continues this is an awesome bird.

Note: I saw a feather mite crawling around today so I'll have to spray him tomorrow before I work with him, I should have done it when we trapped him.

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Day 1 Update

Weight: 812 grams (28.6424571 oz)
Fed: 1 Mouse, 1 Quail leg, 1 Quail liver (aprx 70 grams food)

I have been working with him every hour for 15 minutes. I pick him up, hood him and then let him sit hooded for about 1-30 minutes. Then I un-hood him and try to get him to eat. During the third of these sessions today he ate off the glove. I was using a gutted mouse to entice him to eat and eat he did. It took him 4-7 tearing bites before he finished eating the mouse!! I really can't believe how fast he did this, it's only been a day and my last 2 birds took at least 1-2 weeks to eat off the glove.

I can't tell you how excited I am to get this bird out flying!

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Trapped PMRT

Originally uploaded by snafu918
Yesterday I trapped my third Red Tail a nice little Passage Male that I named Wolf. He is a Dark morph bird and very fierce. His keel was solid muscle and he stood on the fist almost immediately.

His trap weight was 840 grams with equipment.

His weight this morning was 812 grams with equipment.

I'll try to keep everyone updated on our progress!

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Getting Started

Well I didn't think I'd be getting a bird until fall of 08 but I just can't help myself. When I found out that trapping season ends in the middle of February up here I got so excited I almost lost it!

So there have been a few complications along the way, namely that I'm in a rental house and I can't build a mews. I am going to try and make due with a weathering yard and house the bird in my spare bedroom most of the time. I'm leery to tether another bird after all the problems that this caused with my last bird but I just can't pass up the opportunity to get another bird!

Also if I get a bird in the next month or so I should be ready to promote to General later this year! This is a thought that only recently entered my mind and I can tell you it's got me really excited.

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