Really Getting There

Wolf did really well today, came to the fist 3 times without being called. I think we can continue on this vein with free flights very soon

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Weight: 719 grams (25.3619786)
Fed:35 grams quail

Well I've been slowly dropping Wolfs weight and today I saw the result. every day for the past 3-4 days I would take him out to the creance line and whistle at about 15 feet to which he would respond with and almost instant flight to the glove. Then I would work my way away from him the first time he hesitated or didn't come or acted distracted I would pick him up and walk him back to his mews. This seemed to finally have an effect today at his lowest weight. He came to the glove today without being called which was a nice first that I jackpotted him for with a quail leg. Tomorrow I predict that his weight will be a bit higher around 725 grams but that should be good. I will continue to use the same method of feeding him until he doesn't respond well and then putting him up for the day. In this way I am going to try to let him manage his weight.

On a side note, my dog ate my lure, and I have to buy choroplast for the mews, everything costs money!

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Looking for a Pericing

So Rachel keeps joking that Wolf is going to bite my nose off. This time she caught a photo of me getting a little too close. He is such a mellow bird!

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Training Continues

Weight: 740 grams (26.1027318)
Fed:30 grams beef heart

Wolf did really well today. I was surprised because he didn't do well yesterday and he was at a slightly higher weight today. We got eight good flights out of him and now I need to make the creance longer. Hopefully we'll be out to the football field on monday. After a week on the long creance we might be able to do a free flight but we'll wait and see.

It's been a bunch of false starts with this bird. One day he wants to work and the next he doesn't. I imagine that most of this is due to his weight and the weather.

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Outdoor Creance

Weight: 760 grams (26.8082111)
Fed:1 Mouse, 2 Quail wings

Well wolf was at a higher weight today and I didn't think that I'd get a good response from him at this weight outdoors given that it was his first time on the creance outside. I was mistaken however, he did splendidly and came quickly when called the 8 feet or so that I started with. It worked out well because the first call I didn't expect him to come so I had a mouse hidden in the glove. This meant that his surprisingly good response was jackpoted when he came to the glove to find a whole mouse! Because I didn't expect him to be so "on" at this higher weight I hadn't prepared any tidbits so I just used the quail wings for the next two calls, but you know what they say 3 great calls are better than 50 mediocre calls! I'm not actually sure what his weight will be tomorrow as I didn't expect to feed him the mouse, but that is a welcome surprise. I'll have tidbits and a long creance setup so we should be able to make a lot of progress if he's willing.

Note: I need to setup a weighted leash for the creance because right now his flights are mothy at best.

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