Well I went down to the Snake river again this last weekend. I only caught one fish, but the trip wasn't a total bust in that I got to see a lot of really great wildlife. while fishing there was a big horn sheep about 500 yards away that just would not stop starring at me. This was a real treat since I was recently watching the Alaska Experiment on Discovery where this sheep is a major food source for the participants on the show. Then about mid-morning a plane flew low over the canyon (illegal) and all the prairie falcons shot out of their nests to defend them. There must have been 10 in the sky right above me. Coming from AZ and only seeing 1 prairie falcon after driving far and wide of Phoenix this was a really awesome spectacle. Finally on the way home we saw a badger chasing a whistle pig into it's hole just off the highway.

On to Falconry, Wolf is doing really well he hasn't started the molt yet so I have a red light on in his enclosure to help speed things up. My back is totally destroyed which has really put a damper on my summer!

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John and I went down...

John and I went down and went fishing at Swan Falls dam this morning. I caught 8 Smallmouth bash. It was a really good time. Everyone should checkout that fishing spot. listen

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