Someone asked me about my dog today so I thought I'd share one of my favorite photos of Rosie our German Shepard with everyone.

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Moving On

Well I'm all moved in and now 5 weeks after my surgery I'm capable of putting on my shoes without assistance. My wonderful wife has taken care of me with patience and caring that reminds me every day how lucky I am. I am currently planning my new mews to be built on the property so that I can continue my apprenticeship.

One thing that I have not shared with this blog is the fact that I lost wolf. during the move I transferred him to the Giant Hood and set him in the kitchen. I checked on him at noon and he was dead. I had him hooded in the giant hood and from what I found he stuck his talon through the knot at the end of one of the long bracers and then panicked and broke his neck. I was really looking forward to flying this little guy and it is really disheartening considering the amount of bad luck I've had thus far.

I could no more give up this sport than I could take a different name so I will move on and take it as a lesson learned.

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